New Article: Machine Learning -> Clustering -> K-Means

In this article we will be discussing about the k-means algorithm for clustering. This is the first in a series of articles related to Machine Learning that I will be writing about in Trends Of Code.

The prerequisites for this article is almost nothing, but if you are completely new to Machine Learning I would recommend you to first build up from an even simpler machine learning algorithm like k-nearest neighbours and get an idea of how a general machine learning algorithm works. Still, I will be building up from the very basics and hence understanding this article without any pre knowledge should also not be difficult.

A very natural follow up to this article would be a more general algorithm, called the Fuzzy c-means (FCM) algorithm, also known as the soft version of k-means. That will probably be the next article that I will write in Trends of Code.

Also, as a note, I have introduced a vertical scroll view too since the previous post reported lack of support for some browsers.

Read the article here: http://trendsofcode.net/kmeans

Trends Of Code is shifting!

Since this blog is going to be a little more scientific in the future, I needed a better design than the suits theme. For that purpose, I have developed a new website for the blog which will follow a design similar to that used in academic literature.

The URL for the website is http://trendsofcode.net/ . I have posted an article there explaining further the need for the change.

However I will still be posting links to the posts here for you WordPress folks.

Hope you like the new design.